Rain-X Test

Can aged RAIN-X prevent Delta Kits resin from sticking to a break in a windshield? Not if you use Delta Kits resin, Delta Kits equipment and Delta Kits methods. Watch this repair to see for yourself.

Video Description: Delta Kits and the RAIN-X Test

Question: If RAIN-X is improperly applied to an open break in a windshield so that the break is filled with RAIN-X, and then the break is allowed to age for one week, would the resin that is injected into the break be pulled back out during the vacuum cycle because the RAIN-X is so slippery that nothing will stick to it?

Answer: Not if you use Delta Kits resin, Delta Kits equipment, and Delta Kits methods for repairing damage treated with RAIN-X. This video proves that fact.

First, the technician applies two coats of RAIN-X to an open windshield break. (This step was done for video purposes only and is not a recommended step for a windshield repair.)

A week later, the technician places a Chip Saver over the impact point to protect it from water, and then applies water to the glass to show the RAIN-X has been applied. Then, the technician wipes the glass dry and removes the Chip Saver.

The technician applies the Delta Kits Moisture Evaporator to the impact point and applies steel wool, and then cleans the point of impact.

The technician then places the B300 Bridge on the glass and injects resin. The technician goes through the appropriate pressure and vacuum cycles and removes the bridge from the glass.

Then, the technician applies pit resin and cures the windshield break. Finally, the technician scrapes the excess pit resin off with razor blades and applies pit polish.

You can see at the end of the repair that the RAIN-X did not impede the Delta Kits resin, Delta Kits equipment or the methods of repairing the damage, and that the repair was completely successful.

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