How Long Does A Windshield Repair Take?

The Wise Crack - November-December 2004

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So how long should a windshield repair take?

I hear customers and competitors say 5 minutes. Others say 10 minutes, and a few will tell you 30 minutes is how long it takes to do a proper repair. Now I could tell you that I do 5 minute repairs, and it would be the truth. At trade shows I often repair a star break or bullseye in 5 minutes. I could also tell you my average repair time is 15 to 20 minutes, and again be telling the truth. But when I am asked how long it takes to properly repair a windshield, I have to answer by saying that a repair takes as long as is necessary to remove all the air from the break, and fill it with resin. That, my friends, is also the truth, and is really a much better answer in my opinion. To put a limit on the length of time it takes to repair a windshield is just not good business. How do you answer this question?

I have often said that I would rather do 5 repairs for happy customers than do 10 repairs for unhappy customers. In the long run, doing good repairs will build a solid customer base, and you will be able to charge more for your work if every repair you do is of the highest quality.

-Brent Deines

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