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Delta Kits’ ClearPro and ClearPro PLUS Headlight Restoration systems are constructed and designed with the high standard of quality Delta Kits users have come to expect. Our Headlight Restoration Systems will eliminate yellow or cloudy discoloration from polycarbonate headlights using Infinity 4.1, the longest lasting and the only water based headlight coating in the industry.

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Jeff R. June 6, 2019 I love this product. I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was and the results were impressive. The price was excellent too.

Courtney C. April 27, 2019 Clear instructions, easy to use, and great results.

Dan P. October 6, 2018 My car’s headlights have been yellowed and murky for over a year and I’ve used countless products and solutions to try and restore them. They got so bad that I had to use my high beams to even see in the dark. I’m so happy I finally tried the Infinity 4.1, as it is the only product I’ve found that makes a difference.

McKenzie S. November 13, 2016 I'm excited about Delta Kits tools that will help simplify windshield repair and headlight restorations. Less time consuming and you can make some serious cash! Thanks Delta Kits!!!???

Lanny F. October 30, 2016 The end result , perfect!

Andrew E. October 24, 2016 The best part is the kit is complete with everything you need in one place you don't have to carry multiple kits.

Randy M. September 26, 2016 Well rounded kit. Training video was nice. Has everything you need to get going.