Expert Q&A: Possible to Restore Headlights without a Sander?


How does your 54100 Coat2Protect Headlight Restoration Coating work?

I have a Renault Clio 182 sport 2004 plate. The headlights are renowned for losing their shine so I am looking to restore them without the use of a sander.
I've see a video on YouTube saying he used your kit. Does the kit kit the plastic or does it just place a shine to bring it back to new?


The video you referenced in your email shows Delta Kits Infinity 4.1 headlight restoration coating being applied to the headlights and as you can see from the video it does do a remarkable job of putting a shine on the headlights. Even more important is how long lasting the Infinity 4.1 protective coating is. It is a simple task to shine up a headlight but if the proper coating is not applied it will not last.

What the video does not show is the preparation necessary prior to applying Infinity 4.1. Sanding off the original coating and any contamination embedded into the Polycarbonate headlight surface is absolutely necessary and proper sanding requires several steps before Infinity 4.1 should be applied. Not sanding will provide undesirable results.

Have a look at this short video of the sanding process.

You indicated that you are looking to restore your headlights without the use of a sander. While it is possible to sand by hand, it is a very time consuming and labor intensive process so we do not recommend it. It is better to do the job correctly, which is quite easy with the proper tools, or hire a professional to do it for you.

The "kit" you referenced is the coating only. What you need to make your headlights look like they do in the video is a complete headlight restoration system. This professional system includes all the tools and supplies necessary to sand, polish and protect your existing headlights and over 30 additional vehicles.