Meet A Delta Kits Team-Member!

Name and Job Title

Michelle Swan, Customer Service Representative

Where are you from? What brought you to Eugene/makes you stay?

I was raised in the Eugene/Springfield area since the age of 1. Originally it was family that made me stay, now kind of thinking of making a change. I will stay in Oregon though, I can’t imagine being happy anywhere else.

What is something about you that you think makes you unique?

I don’t really see myself as unique, but I do have too many grandchildren to count!

How long have you been a Delta Kits employee?

About 5 years?  Seems like forever (in a good way!).

Favorite hobby besides windshield repair? 

I really like the outdoors, so fishing, hiking, etc…  I also really, REALLY love riding my motorcycle and bragging about it to my coworkers.

How many windshields have you repaired/funny story?

I have only repaired a couple of windshields, so really don’t have any funny stories… but I do know the entire process by heart and can answer just about anything and everything there is to know about repairs!

What is your favorite part of your job? 

Working with our customers – I love hearing their stories and helping them to achieve their goals. Keep ‘em comin’ :) 

Thanks for all you do, Michelle!

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