Start or Grow Your Business with Confidence!

What if you had some extra one-on-one time and coaching to help with your business? Or dedicated time to troubleshoot your challenges with an expert? Do you think your business would have a better chance at success? If you’re nodding your head, you’re right along with us.

Starting a business can leave your head spinning – we’ve been there, done that – so that got us thinking of how we can best help clear that head of yours and set you up for success. The answer? In addition to dedicated customer service, we want to help launch you into your start-up with Delta Kits’ NEW customer service care package, the Windshield Repair Launch Pad. See what we did there?

You’ll get 2 one-on-one sessions with a dedicated service rep, giving you the steps and knowledge you need to start your windshield repair business with a bang!

Unsure how to register your business or form a LLC? We’ve got that covered. Unsure of how to sign-up with the networks or work with an EDI? No problem, there’s a whole session on that. This package was designed for those of you who are brand new to starting your own business or for those of you who might need a little refresher. What’s included:

  • Talk one-on-one with a dedicated service rep – you’ll get 2 guided phone call sessions that are 30 minutes a piece, jam-packed with information.
  • Each session will cover a different aspect of your windshield repair business, including how to start your business, bill your customers, sign-up with the networks, market your business, and more!
  • Plus you’ll have access to free content downloads, including sample invoices, checklists, worksheets, and more, to help you create a better foundation for your business.
  • Watch video tutorials and read through product manuals to ensure your skills are on-point with the best technicians in the industry, securing your spot as a service leader in your community.
Spoiler Alert – Our reps are the best in the biz. We believe in our product, our process, and most importantly, YOU. When you’re successful, we’re successful, so let’s work together in reaching your goals.

Interested? Let’s talk. Give us a call or learn more here>> 

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