What will headlight restoration do for a vehicle?

Compared to replacing lenses, headlight restoration is a much more affordable solution. Headlight restoration greatly improves driver safety, reduces long-term maintenance costs for the vehicle owner, and enhances the overall appearance of the exterior of the car. Our professional headlight restoration coating is a long lasting affordable solution!  Benefits of Headlight Restoration  Removes scratches Restores […]

UV Lights for Windshield Repair

Choosing the Right Ultra Violet Curing Light Delta Kits is often asked, “What is the best UV light for windshield repair?” The answer always begins with a series of questions: How important is fast curing? Do you require a light that covers short cracks, long cracks, or only rock chips? How important is durability? How […]

Tech Tip: Not Crazy for Crazing in Headlights

Unfortunately, not all headlights will improve with restoration to a “like new” condition. Story time: A few weeks ago, we had a customer come into our shop with some inconsistencies on their headlights. At first glance, there was minor discoloration around the edges of the lights coming from the breakdown in the old headlight coating… […]

Frit Frenzy: Repairs in the Frit Band

Recently, there was a thread on the Windshield Repair Forum discussing repairs in the frit band, or as the posted article calls it, the “Danger Zone.” We’ll discuss the purpose of the frit band and the challenges, if any, of doing a repair involving it. What is the purpose of the frit? It is a […]

Common Headlight Restoration Questions Answered

There are a variety of common headlight restoration questions. Let’s start by breaking dry time down into two categories, with the first being the amount of time before the customer can drive away and the second being the amount of time required for a full curing of the coating. Drive away time is the point […]