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Mobile Windshield Repair is perfect for a side hustle

Learn How To Become Mobile Repair Tech

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Do you want to earn a bit more cash? Do you have a few hours each week to invest in your future? Do you have the drive to make it happen?
Then a side gig is right for you. Use the extra money to get out of debt, buy a larger TV or invest in your future. What would you do with an extra $100?
Did you know that windshield repair technicians can make over $100 an hour?
We are not kidding. Windshield repair is a great business to get into and you can make money fast.

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Low cost, quality tools provide high earning potential.

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Flexible Hours

Work only when you have the time. Set your schedule based on how much you want to earn.

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Windshield repair is easy to learn and easy to deliver.

You only need 3 things to get started:

Windshield Repair is perfect for a side hustle or side gig. Work the hours you want and earn great money at the same time. Starting costs are minimal. All that is needed to get started is:

  • 1

    A Windshield Repair Kit

  • 2

    A Desire to Succeed

  • 3

    Guidance from Delta Kits


  • 248 million
    vehicles on the road today
  • 24-30 million
    vehicles with repairable WS damage
  • $65 per repair
    average price per WS repair
  • $1.3 – $1.6 billion
    total annual market for WS repair
36160 Delta Kits Professional Windshield Repair Kit Single Bridge system


Low material and start-up costs make windshield repair an extremely profitable opportunity. With the ability to make $100 per hour with such a low investment, how can you afford not to own a Delta Kits Windshield Repair System?

Pay off your Delta Kits windshield repair system with as few as 7 repairs*
$65 earned per chip repair x 7 repairs = $455 (Lowest priced kit is $450)

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