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What will headlight restoration do for a vehicle?

Compared to replacing lenses, headlight restoration is a much more affordable solution. Headlight restoration greatly improves d...

UV Lights for Windshield Repair

Choosing the Right Ultra Violet Curing Light Delta Kits is often asked, “What is the best UV light for windshield repair?” T...

Tech Tip: Not Crazy for Crazing in Headlights

Unfortunately, not all headlights will improve with restoration to a “like new” condition. Story time: A few weeks ago, we h...

Insurance Billing 101: Getting Set Up to Bill Insurance Companies for Windshield Repair

It’s a question that takes many forms, and one that we hear a lot at Delta Kits. Where can I get a list of all the insuran...

Frit Frenzy: Repairs in the Frit Band

Recently, there was a thread on the Windshield Repair Forum discussing repairs in the frit band, or as the posted article calls ...

Common Headlight Restoration Questions Answered

There are a variety of common headlight restoration questions. Let’s start by breaking dry time down into two categories, ...

Tech Tip: Plate Glass Repairs

Have you ever seen a BB hole in a storefront window and wondered if it is repairable?  Despite the cone-shaped plug of glass mi..., A European Centric Website

Delta Kits Inc. unveils user-friendly, customer-oriented, feature-rich, multilingual website. Delta Kits Inc., the leader in win...

Industry Icon Bruce McDonald Loses Battle with Cancer

Delta Kits Inc. mourns of the loss of Windshield Repair Expert, Bruce McDonald. It is with great sadness that we report the pass...

Can you restore headlights that have been clear coated?

Chevy Impala Headlight Restoration Recently, a headlight restoration/windshield repair technician in Colorado was restoring the ...

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Delta Kits with Brent, Korey and their whole team are doing things at a high level. Delta Kits' classes, products, and support is bar none from ANY industry standard. They are the ``Disney and Ritz Carlton`` of their industry. From the bottom of my heart thank you, Delta, for displaying the character and heart.

Every business should take a page from your example. Kudos to the whole team especially Korey Goblin always is available and goes the extra mile. You all are top-notch!

Steven Ybarra

I've done business with Delta Kits for many years and can not recall a time when there was ever an issue.

Recently I ordered a couple of items and didn't receive what I ordered correctly. I called the company and they made it correct! I may have come across as frustrated or irritated when I called, I'm sorry for that. They were very quick to make it correct and sent me the other item. Thank you very much!

Andrew Strouth

I was skeptical about windshield repair when I first did my research, but after contacting Korey Gobin at Delta Kits he made a complicated industry make sense to me. A couple of weeks later we met in person, he help me get set up with the networks, and he helped create a customize windshield repair system that fit my company needs.

9 years later and Korey is still catering to my needs and helping company grow and become more efficient in every aspect of the windshield repair business.

Clayton S.

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