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Delta Kits’ professional grade windshield repair resins provide unparalleled performance. Every proprietary formulation undergoes exhaustive laboratory and field testing to ensure our auto glass resins exceed industry standards. Independent auto glass repair and replacement professionals worldwide prefer Delta Kits resins over any other brand. Delta Kits sells more resin than any other windshield repair company in the United States.

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Nick Roybal November 12, 2017 The clarity and quality of this product is one of the best that I have used. My customers are very pleased.

Jacob Stein October 28, 2017 It fills in chips and cracks better than other resins.

William Nerup October 20, 2017 Have been using these products for over 20 years, 5 stars, still have my original kit!

William Nerup October 20, 2017 Have owned Delta products for over 20 years still have my original kit the system is excellent.

Gregory Hruby September 22, 2017 The most durable pit fill I have found for the South East Texas extreme weather conditions!

Benjamin Chancey July 21, 2017 I repair windshields in Houston, TX. It's hot. Very hot. This resin is perfect for extremely hot conditions as advertised.

Damion Jackson July 16, 2017 This product is highly effective, easy to work with. Best pit resin out there by far.

Jacob Stein July 11, 2017 Dependable long lasting repairs. Always gets the job done and looks great.

Stehanie Watts July 10, 2017 The viscosity fits our needs more than the previous brand we were using. It is very efficient at filling the rock chips for our customers.

Frank Meyers May 28, 2017 Makes the job look even better than what you think it can be. Blends the pit filler in more so that it is harder to see.

Mark Treanor May 27, 2017 Happy with the results I get with chip repair and especially how well this resin works with cracks of the 4-6 in length.

Jacob Stein May 22, 2017 Dependable product that always gets the job done. I recommend it over other resins.

James Murray May 4, 2017 I only use a small drop on a cork and then polish. It works great and lasts along time.

Jacob Stein April 30, 2017 Always stops the cracks from spreading. High quality product. I recommend every company to use this product.

Kim Turner April 18, 2017 This product has been good and is currently being used in our Body Shop for our fleet.

Jacob Stein March 29, 2017 Always gets the job done. Always keep the crack from spreading. You can depend on it.

Jacob Stein February 28, 2017 It is a great product. Looks amazing after a repair and always holds the crack together.

Jacob Stein February 27, 2017 It's the best stuff to fix cracks on windshields. I highly reccomend it. High quality.

Jacob Stein November 29, 2016 It's quality and a product that that you can depend on to allow you to do the best work poosible

Blake Van November 17, 2016 This is the best resin I've come across yet. I've never had a chip spread after it was filled while using this resin.

Jacob Stein November 9, 2016 High quality and dependable. Can be used for chips also instead of having to use thick resin.

Jesse Weston October 31, 2016 Easily fill most chips and is reasonably priced.

Seyeon Kim October 27, 2016 It makes a very strong windshield repair.

Jose De October 18, 2016 Really works great! I'm very satisfied with it.

Jacob Stein October 14, 2016 Quality resin.

Matt Schonthaler October 13, 2016 The viscosity of the product allows it to go into the repair quickly but has enough hardening time that you can play with it to make sure there are no bubbles or flaws. Keep up the good work making some great products so it makes it easier on us out in the field.


Reliant Auto October 7, 2016 It seems to fill the chip in and has very clear optics. Since using MagniBond, my failed repairs have dropped noticeably.

Jason Holland October 4, 2016 Ease of use.

Ryan Powell September 14, 2016 We have not had the chance to use it yet. Send another survey and I will fill out soon as we actually have a better feel for the product. For now a 3 will be sufficient. Your customer service however is a 5/5. I have had great customer service so far. We have just been busy no chance to use.

John Halvarson September 2, 2016 Fills damage quickly and completely.

John Halvarson September 2, 2016 Seals well.

Larry Young August 12, 2016 Great for fixing bigger rock chips and bullseyes, I recommend a thinner viscosity like magnibond for smaller rock chips especially star breaks.

Travis Barnett August 11, 2016 It's a very consistent resin that fills easy, if your using something else after a few different chips you will see how much this product makes your work easier! I highly recommend for all different chips of size and shapes.

Doug July 19, 2016 Works very well!

Kate July 13, 2016 Delta Kits new Premium Bond Resin 3000 and Premium Bond 20 are awesome. I am very satisfied with the visual and bonding of these new products. My customers are also very happy with the final results. I am very confident with my guarantee now and will used the 3000 series in the future. Thank you Delta Kits.

John July 6, 2016 I really liked the viscosity upgrade to the 20cps, in the Premium Bond 20. I also appreciate the fact that you are continually trying to upgrade the ability to perform a "better" repair.

Phil Cooper July 5, 2016 I recently attempted my first long crack repair and using the Premium Bond Resin. I was able to make about 13 inches disappear! I was pretty proud of myself and of course my customer was elated! Thank you so much Delta kits for letting me try this new product.