$1.25 Insurance Claim Processing

Tired of paying $2.95, $5.95, $7.95, or even $12.95 for an EDI service to submit your windshield repair insurance claims? Don’t submit enough insurance claims to justify the costly expense of a software package? Not interested in purchasing additional hardware to submit your insurance claims to the networks?

We have a solution for you!

Delta Kits has negotiated a special discounted rate with an industry-leading EDI service provider that exclusively allows Delta Kits approved customers to submit insurance claims through all the popular networks including Lynx and SGC.




Are you a Delta Kits customer looking for a better EDI billing service?

How much will you save?

Not sure if using an EDI billing service is the most cost-effective way to submit your windshield repair insurance claims? Try our EDI service price comparison calculator. Choose a provider from the dropdown menu and enter the number of claims you anticipate to file per month. Then see how Delta Kits’ partner pricing stacks up against the other EDI service providers to determine which provider best fits your needs.

Enter Number of Monthly Claims:
*Pricing and availability may not always be updated and are subject to change without notice.

If this sounds like the EDI billing service you have been looking for give Delta Kits a call or fill out this form to request an EDI Service Agreement. Fax or email the completed form back to Delta Kits to receive your special discounted rate.

Or contact us via phone: +1 541-345-8554

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