Derma Shield Mousse

Derma Shield Mousse 50ml

Derma Shield is non-greasy and non-toxic that can be applied to any area of the skin. Within 4 to 5 minutes after proper application, Derma Shield becomes an invisible barrier that actually bonds to the skin and helps protect it up to 5 hours even after repeated washings. $11.72 each
Derma Shield Mousse Sizes


The 17 oz mousse, is the most popular size among Derma Shield customers, ideal for the regular user. It will last approximately 14 to 15 months if used twice a day on an adult pair of hands. Great for a variety of business and personal use settings like the kitchen, greenhouse or garage/workshop.

Available in the following packaging options:
25065 - 6 oz Mousse
25070 - 2 oz Mousse

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