How Fast is your Windshield Repair System?

The Delta Kits professional windshield repair system makes windshield repair fast - and easy. Come with us as we see how quickly a windshield repair is completed using the Delta Kits car glass repair kit.

Video Description: How Fast is your Windshield Repair System?

This video proves the speed and reliability of a Delta Kits windshield repair system. The video is for demonstration purposes only and does not reflect Delta Kits recommended practices. There are many variables that may affect the repair time of field repairs and quality should never be sacrificed for speed.

First, the technician applies the B300 Bridge and injects the glass repair resin. Note how he applies light thumb pressure as he begins the sequence of pressure and vacuum cycles. Then the technician applies pit resin and the UV light to cure the damaged area.

Finally, the technician scrapes the excess resin off with a razor blade and applies pit polish. The total repair time in this video is less than three minutes and ten seconds.

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