Windshield repair bridge on automotive windshield

Delta Kits professional windshield repair resins are highly sought after for consistent quality, affordability, durability, clarity and ease of use and are preferred by professional windshield repair technicians worldwide. All Delta Kits resins have been laboratory and field tested by trained, experienced professional repair technicians. Technicians know they can count on rock chip repairs completed using Delta Kits resin to last the lifetime of the vehicle.

Formulated for versatility, unbeatable performance

Which resin is right for you? Explore the differences of our line of injection resins, pit filler resins, and plate glass resins in our resin comparison chart! The chart breaks down the viscosity, toxicity, bonding strength, types of breaks, elasticity, and shore hardness of each resin as well as optical clarity and available sizes.

All Delta Kits resins provice unparalleled performance

What Windshield Resin is Right for Me: Delta Kits Resin Comparison Chart.

  • YOU CAN COUNT ON US Delta Kits is the leading manufacturer of windshield repair products. Over 35 years of innovation says we aren’t going away anytime soon.

  • ONE-STOP SHOPPING From resins and burs to curing lamps to drills and windshield repair bridges, Delta Kits has you covered.

  • QUALITY, PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS We pride ourselves on the quality and variety of our commercial-grade windshield repair products and supplies.

  • SUCCESS STORIES Simply put, Delta Kits empowers you to succeed. Let other windshield repair technicians tell their story.

  • FAST, RELIABLE SHIPPING We offer multiple shipping options to help keep your business rolling along.

  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT We provide up-to-date product information, online training videos, business resources and more, so you’ll always have the support you need.




FEATURED: Premium Bond 20

An all weather, low viscosity, flexible professional windshield repair injection resin. With only 20 cP, Premium Bond 20 is 30x more flexible than traditional injection resins. Excellent choice for bullseye & combo breaks. What are you waiting for? Make the change today.

Featuring Premium Bond 20 with a B250 windshield repair bridge
Windshield repair resin on automotive windshield

POPULAR: Premium Bond 3000 RESIN

It’s high viscosity makes Premium Bond 3000 resin the best pit fill resin for all weather conditions and it can also double as a plate glass repair resin. With unparalleled shore hardness and superior tensile strength, Premium Bond 3000 is the best pit filler money can buy!


  • Most Delta Kits customers offer a lifetime money back guarantee on any repair that fails
  • Proven safer to use compared to many other popular windshield repair resins
  • Developed exclusively for the windshield repair industry
  • Formulated for versatility. Proven to be effective in all temperatures since 1983 (36 years in 2019). Including areas that regularly see temperature extremes such as Alaska, Siberia, Arizona and the Middle East, for example
  • Extensively tested in the lab and the field for durability, clarity, elongation, cohesion, adhesion, wetting and shelf life. (In fact, no single attribute should ever be used to determine the quality of a windshield repair resin. If the tensile strength of a resin is too hard it may become brittle. Therefore it is not the best choice for injecting into a windshield that is subject to flex and stress.)
  • Delta Kits resins do not require primers.

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