Why Windshield Repair Techs Choose Delta Kits Bridges

Our bridges are mounted to the glass with high quality flip levers or pump style vacuum cups. They require very minimal pressure to apply and when used properly will not release unexpectedly. Not only does a vacuum cup greatly reduce the chance of cracking the glass when applying the bridge, it also eliminates the flex in standard suction cups, which greatly reduces the amount of pressure required to seal the injector over the impact point. As the piece of equipment that will perform the bulk of your work it is important that you choose a bridge that can repair any type of damage, that is easy to maintain, and that will last a lifetime.

The unique windshield repair bridge is the most feature packed compact bridge in the industry.

The preferred choice of windshield repair technicians worldwide, the Delta Kits B250 ultimate windshield repair bridge.

The 3 point design allows for vertical, edge, and curved repairs without extra attachments or special equipment.

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Durability - The durability of our bridges is unparalleled. Using a combination of stainless steel, aircraft aluminum and glass filled composite we have created a bridge that outperforms the competition and lasts a lifetime.

Injection Process - Delta Kits’ injectors inject the resin before removing the air. Simply put, it is a faster and more efficient process.

Low impact design - Mounting with a flip lever or pump style vacuum cup greatly reduces the chance of crack out by requiring minimal pressure on the glass. Not to mention how lightweight they are.

Consistent performance - All three of Delta Kits’ bridges are capable of repairing any type of damage anywhere on the laminated glass.

Guaranteed - Our products are backed by a 30 day money back guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty.

Adjustable - Our bridges provide stability, but more importantly allows for infinite adjustments for the perfect repair, every time.





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