Windshield Repair System Instructions

Please find and click on your system according to your system’s product number under the Choose Your System header below to download a zip file of your system’s documents. Here you find all of the documents needed to conduct your repairs.

First, we want to make sure all the items in your system arrived safely. Locate the Kit Contents Sheet from your downloaded zip folder and do a check of your content. Let us know immediately to report any problems. Next we want to help get you started completing rock chip repairs with your Windshield Repair System. Follow the step-by-step instructional manual also included in your zip folder, which you can view, download, and print for your records. We’ve also provided information about relevant safety data sheets and other product instructions.

We hope you find this library of information useful. If you have any questions about products or technical questions about a repair, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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