Requirements & Benefits of the New NWRA Continuing Education Program

The National Windshield Repair Association (NWRA) has released an updated continuing education program in response to interest from insurance companies and technicians who want to distinguish themselves from uncertified technicians. An exam covering technology and current industry issues is now required every two years to renew certification.

“The NWRA has been gathering continuing education information for the advanced technician that wants to separate themselves from the crowd,” says NWRA president Kerry Wanstrath. “We strongly believe that certification and testing of technicians is becoming more and more relevant and may soon be a requirement by some insurance [companies].”

There are currently no study materials for this exam according to According to Katy Hodge O’Mara, NWRA Director of Operations, there are currently no study materials for this exam, but and the organization advises studying reviewing the original NWRA certification study guide will provide the knowledge necessary to answer the 10 questions.

For new members to be certified, they must have a minimum of six (6) months experience, perform a minimum of 200 windshield repairs and successfully pass the written certification exam. Candidates may take the exam at any time, but they will not receive the actual certification until they have met the six month time-frame and 200 repair requirement.

If you are currently a registered member of NWRA you do not need to reapply now to keep your current membership, just renew as usual at the end of your membership term. However, if your certification lapses, you must start over with the new requirements.

Should new prospective members not receive a satisfactory score, they must wait a minimum of two weeks before retaking the exam. New prospective members may take the exam up to three (3) times in the year following their application for certification. After that time, they must re-register.

The NWRA is the only organization dedicated exclusively to the Windshield Repair Industry, and membership is one of the few ways for a technician or company to distinguish themselves and the quality of their work from other industry professionals. While many technicians and companies perform high quality, reputable work, there is no way for customers or insurance companies to make that distinction prior to a repair or complaint. The NWRA is creating an opportunity for their members to proactively set themselves above the industry standard.

NWRA annual dues for regular members are $150.00 and $2,500 for manufacturers.

If you have any questions about the recertification program or its administration, please contact the NWRA certification administration at 540-720-7484 or email Janeen Mulligan.

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