What Sets Delta Kits Bridges Apart From the Competition?

We’ve published several articles this year comparing the various Delta Kits bridge models, but we are still getting calls from users of competitive brands asking what sets a Delta Kits Bridge apart from other popular brands.

Perhaps the most significant difference is the injection process. Many injectors propose the theory of removing air in the glass damage before injecting resin. Delta Kits’ injectors inject the resin before removing the air. Simply put, it is a faster and more efficient process.

The reality is that it is impossible to remove “all” of the air before the resin is injected which is why all windshield repair systems recommend alternating from pressure to vacuum several times until all the visible air has been successfully removed. Keep in mind that many types of damage include surface cracks. If you pull a vacuum first, you are actually pulling air into the damage rather than removing the air. Once you understand these basic concepts, there is a logical conclusion. The vacuum first systems are less efficient than injection first systems. Or that high vacuum systems limit their ability to remove air from many types of damage.

Vacuum Resin Injectors

Every month we convert many so-called high vacuum injector users to Delta Kits injectors and receive many accolades, not only for the improved speed and filling capabilities, but for how much easier our injectors are to clean and maintain.

There are other injection first injectors on the market. But only Delta Kits injectors completely evacuate the air from the damage and the injector. Look alike injectors trap air in the injector, making it impossible to fully utilize the pressure cycle.

Intuitive Bridge Design

We also receive many compliments on our intuitive bridge (injector holding device) design. Many other popular bridges feature center mounted injector bridge designs that do not allow for edge repairs and suction cups that have to be applied to the glass using pressure. It doesn’t take a genius to realize the ability to access damage at the edge of the glass is significant, or that applying excess pressure on damaged glass can be detrimental. Suction cups can also release prematurely and unexpected, potentially damaging glass and painted surfaces. Other problems with center mounted designs include that they are not adjustable. So, you have to slide the bridge along the glass to center the injector over the impact point of the damage, and they do not adhere well to curved glass.

Delta Kits bridges eliminate all these problems. Our bridges are mounted to the glass with high quality flip lever or pump style vacuum cups. They require very minimal pressure to apply and when used properly will not release unexpectedly. Not only does a vacuum cup greatly reduce the chance of cracking the glass when applying the bridge, it also eliminates the flex in standard suction cups, which greatly reduces the amount of pressure required to seal the injector over the impact point.


Another great feature of all Delta Kits bridges is that they are fully adjustable so if you mount your bridge to the glass but do not get the injector centered perfectly all you have to do is loosen the center adjusting knob and reposition as necessary. No more damaged suction cups or injector seals caused by sliding the bridge into position.

The 3-point design of the B250 and B300 bridges provides maximum stability and allows for nearly infinite adjustments to level the injector on curved windshields, while the 2-point design of the B150 allows for superfast adjustments and ultimate portability. All three designs are very compact and fit comfortably in tool belts, shop aprons, etc. Try that with the bulky center mounted competitor designs.

The durability of Delta Kits bridges is unparalleled. Stainless steel, aircraft aluminum and glass filled composite are integral to the parts for all major components to provide years of trouble free service.

Delta Kits centering tools (purchase separately) easily center Delta Kits injectors. This is useful when sighting down the cylinder is not possible. Use our double ended scribes to probe the impact point without removing the bridge or injector.

Of course, all Delta Kits bridges include a 30-day money-back guarantee. They are a part of our All-American Election Day Sale on November 8. A selection of our Injectors will be on sale for the month of November! So, if you have been contemplating an upgrade. Or maybe just want to add another tool to your arsenal, this is a great time. Go ahead and try a Delta Kits bridge.

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