What Broken Records and Smart Phones Have to do with Windshield Repair

The Windshield Repair Forum, the world’s largest forum dedicated to windshield repair and headlight restoration, broke another record in 2012 with the most users online simultaneously. On January 8th there were 96 users reading, contributing, and learning about the industry from the people who know best, technicians and business owners.

With over 2,700 registered members and 46,000 posts, the Windshield Repair Forum provides a wealth of information. Some of the more interesting topics on the forum right now include:

Windshield De-Icing Sprays; Do they have the potential to affect windshield repairs?

What are the best (and worst) VIN reader apps for smart phones?

Pictures of “cool vehicles” that technicians have worked on – join and submit yours today!

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