Interview with ATX Imperial Auto Glass’ Anthony Chavira – Big Company, Big Names, Big Success

ATX Imperial Auto Glass, LLC, is a Delta Kits-Certified windshield repair and auto glass replacement company based out of Austin, TX. For over three years, ATX has been expanding to new locations across both Texas and Southern California. I had the privilege of speaking with owner Anthony Chavira about his company history, his love for customer service, and his colorful experiences that have contributed to “Keeping Austin Weird.”

CG: How long has ATX Imperial Auto Glass in Austin, TX been in business?

Anthony: “I started ATX in 2009. I have extensive experience in both the windshield repair and auto glass industry, but I wanted to create a business that raised the bar and could reach the potential I believe this industry has available. ATX was established with a focus on quality windshield repair, customer satisfaction, and building relationships in the community.”

CG: How long have you been repairing windshields?

Anthony: “Before ATX, I spent time working for an automobile-related marketing company as the Area Marketing Director. That experience combined with the time spent with ATX comes to over seven years, and I have no plans of slowing down. ATX has grown to over seven locations in less than two years.”

CG: How often do you use Delta Kits products?

Anthony: “We use Delta Kits equipment and materials on every repair, every day. In my opinion, Delta Kits has the highest quality windshield repair tools and resins available. It all leads back to our focus on quality windshield repair, customer satisfaction, and building relationships. Delta Kits’ products compliment our services.”

CG: How often do you have celebrities like WWE’s Mark Henry (pictured below) stop by your shop?

Anthony: “Working in Austin, Texas, has been very rewarding as we get to meet countless people. We see everyone from professional athletes like Mark Henry to musicians. ATX is part of “Keep Austin Weird,” a collective movement that supports local businesses. This, coupled with our ability to work with big names and celebrities, has contributed to our company becoming more well-known in the State of Texas.”

CG: What are your preferred methods of marketing, and what results have those methods earned you?

Anthony: “In addition to website optimization, business with celebrities, and of course word-of-mouth advertising, we’ve had a lot of success promoting ATX through our increasingly popular apparel. We even have a sushi roll named after us!”

CG: What’s next for ATX Imperial Auto Glass? Any new service additions or plans for further expansion?

Anthony: “Lastly, I guess you’ll just have to stay tuned! By the way, have a look at our website at or call any of our seven locations today.” Anthony Chavira is the owner and proprietor of ATX Imperial Auto Glass, LLC in Austin, Texas.

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