Super Bowl Contest! Pick the Winner, Be Entered to Win!

Are you ready for some football? Take part in our Super Bowl Contest.

Pick the Super Bowl 51 winner between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots, and you’ll be entered to a win a 15ml bottle of our new resin, Premium Bond 20! It’s that easy! Just head on over to our Facebook page to enter.

superbowl enter to win

Good luck.

Only one entry per person, all entry submissions due before kick off on Sunday, February 5, 2017. All correct entries will be in the random drawing.


Delta Kits professional windshield repair resins offer consistent quality, affordability, durability, clarity and ease of use.  Professional windshield repair technicians worldwide prefer Delta Kits’ resins. All Delta Kits resins have been laboratory and field tested by trained, experienced professional repair technicians. Technicians know they can count on rock chip repairs completed using Delta Kits resin to last the lifetime of the vehicle.

  • Most Delta Kits customers offer a lifetime money-back guarantee on any repair that fails
  • Proven safer to use compared to many other popular windshield repair resins
  • Developed exclusively for the windshield repair industry
  • Also, formulated for versatility. Proven to be effective in all temperatures since 1983 (36 years in 2019). Including areas that regularly see temperature extremes such as Alaska, Siberia, Arizona and the Middle East, for example
  • Extensively tested in the lab and the field for durability, clarity, elongation, cohesion, adhesion, wetting and shelf life. (In fact, no single attribute should ever be used to determine the quality of a windshield repair resin. If the tensile strength of a resin is too hard, it may become brittle. Therefore, it is not the best choice for injecting into a windshield that is subject to flex and stress.)
  • Finally, Delta Kits resins do not require primers.
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