Troubleshooting with Equipment Manufacturers vs. YouTube or Forums

These days you can find pretty much anything online; “just Google it”. Websites like YouTube and can be very helpful at times but it is important to remember that the people with the most knowledge of your repair equipment will be the manufacturers. It will save you time and often money if you speak with your manufacturer before turning to the Internet for help.

Forums can be great for discussing marketing ideas, getting feedback, and finding helpful tips, but be careful when it comes to things like trouble shooting and technical support. Forums can become saturated with many different answers to the same question and when you are working on a customer’s vehicle, why risk being wrong? When in doubt, seek help from those who know the most about your specific equipment, which is the manufacturer. At Delta Kits we prefer that our customers call us with tech questions rather than go to the Internet for answers; you never know if the source you find on the internet is a reliable one. We know that if our customers call us they will get a consistent and reliable solution to their problem every time. It takes time to discern what information is true and what is not, and time is money. The less time wasted searching for a solution, the more time available to make money.

Again, this is not to discourage those who like to use forums and tools such as YouTube; Delta Kits has a forum and a YouTube account, but just to remind our customers that free technical support is available from the company that manufactures the products they use. Although Delta Kits is happy to help with problems associated with competitor equipment, the manufacturer of that equipment has a more thorough understanding of how to get the best possible results with it, and vice versa. Much of the trouble shooting we provide is due to the fact that our customers are taking advice from unreliable sources who often identify themselves as “experts”.

Please feel free to contact Delta Kits at (800) 548-8332 with any questions or concerns that you might have regarding windshield repair or headlight restoration. We offer free tech support 8AM-5PM PST, Mon-Friday and would love to speak with you! If you want to dive right into our growing selection of professional tech tip videos, visit

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