Tech Tip: Reducing Windshield Warm Weather Crack Outs

Temperatures are rising! And we aren’t complaining… but your windshield might. The following are tips to help keep business running smoothly while reducing the risk of warm weather crack outs in changing temperatures.

For all windshield repair technicians:
  • Remember, if a windshield is too hot to leave your hand on comfortably, it’s too hot to repair. The optimum glass temperature to repair a windshield is 70-100 degrees Fahrenheit. Delta Kits also offers the IR-102 Infrared Digital Thermometer to give you the exact temperature of the windshield.
  • Do not spray cold water, alcohol, or any other liquid on a hot windshield.  When checking for the presence of a hydrophobic coating (i.e. Rain-X, Aquapel, etc.), the temperature of the water needs to be similar to the temperature of the glass.
  • When cooling the windshield, make sure to do it gradually.  Sudden temperature changes greatly increase the chances of a crack out.
  • If you’re using the air conditioner to cool the glass, use the floor vents to cool the entire cabin of the car to minimize the risk of cracking the glass.  Directing cold air onto the damaged area is very risky.
  • Always make sure the resin temperature is within 10 degrees of the glass temperature. Cold resin on hot glass or vice versa may make the damage spread.

For techs working in shops, remember that UV can still reach your windshield even if the car is pulled into the shop.

For Mobile Techs Specifically:
  • Make sure the vehicle is in a shaded area.  Before you drive out to the job, you can ask the customer to park the car indoors, under a tent or under an awning, or otherwise so the glass will be cooler when you arrive, saving you time and energy.
  • If you’re stuck in the middle of a lot and can’t find shade, make sure to roll the side windows down or open the doors to let built up heat escape from inside the car.
  • Cover the damaged area with a Delta Kits 23000 Bubble Dome or 23005 UV Sun Shield.  If the UV shield you use is clear, be sure to shade the glass using a hood protector or a towel to help keep it cool.
  • Protect your injector and other equipment from the sun.  Be sure to clean your injector in accordance with your manufacturer’s instructions to keep it functioning properly.

So, after reading this, is your system ready for summer?  Get your system made in the shade with Delta Kits.

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