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Incredible Benefits to Headlight Restoration

The majority of headlights manufactured today are made out of polycarbonate, very strong thermoplastic. Manufacturing polycarbonate headlights over traditional glass headlights has allowed car manufacturers to create headlights in all kinds of cool shapes and sizes, but there is one drawback: oxidation. Oxidation is one of the major causes of yellowing in headlights. Many factors can cause oxidation, including: excessive heat, pollution, harsh detergents, ultra violet exposure from the sun, chemicals, etc. Over time all polycarbonate headlights will become oxidized and need to be replaced or restored. Oxidation creates limited visibility for drivers and safety becomes an issue; this is where headlight restoration comes in.

Headlight restoration is a process used to remove oxidation from headlights and to preserve the lenses by re-applying a protective UV-resistant coating. There are many benefits to headlight restoration and in this article we will be listing a few of them.

First and foremost is the benefit of safety. Vehicles are made with headlights for a reason, and when visibility is limited it can be very dangerous for the operator of the vehicle, pedestrians, cyclists, and other drivers on the road. Headlight restoration makes the road safer for everyone.

Headlights can be very expensive and time consuming to replace. Headlight restoration can save your customers a lot of time and money. Depending on the vehicle, replacing a set of headlights can take hours. Follow this link to see the arduous process of changing out a headlight in the Cadillac CTS.

To give you an idea of how much replacement headlights can cost, here are four different vehicles with varying prices for headlights: Honda Civic 01-04- $200/set, Dodge Caravan- $226/set, Cadillac CTS- $502.95/set, Porsche Boxter-$735-966/each! Not only are headlights expensive, but the customer has to pay for labor on top of the cost of the replacement headlight assembly. Delta Kits' Infinity 4.1 headlight restoration system has enough supplies to service more than 30 vehicles, the cost per restoration is about $6.47, and the average charge per restoration is between $80-100.00; this means that the profit for a headlight restoration job is around $73-93.00. With low overhead and high profit, headlight restoration is a great service to add on to any existing business.

Whether you own a detail shop, body shop, upholstery shop, windshield repair business, or are just looking to embark on a new business venture, headlight restoration is the perfect business to keep the cash flowing in. Here are just a few of the many reasons why headlight restoration is so easy to add to an existing business: Easy to learn, low overhead, high customer satisfaction, environmentally friendly, and it complements any business dealing with vehicles on a regular basis. Customers looking to get their headlights replaced are interested in two main things: safety and the cosmetic appearance of their vehicle. You can provide both for a fraction of the cost with a Delta Kits headlight restoration system.

Delta Kits' Infinity 4.1 protective UV resistant coating is a water based product. The benefits to having a water based coating are that it's not harsh on the skin like some solvent based products, can ship by air, and is not harmful to the environment. Offering headlight restoration is also a conscious decision to help protect the environment by saving more headlights from ending up in the landfill. At Delta Kits we have a commitment to the environment and are proud to provide a UV resistant headlight coating that qualifies as ecologically safe, or "green."


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