Meet A Delta Kits Team Member!

It’s time to meet another Delta Kits team member! If you’ve ever spoken to one of us on the phone, or seen our social media posts, or better yet wondered what we do in our free time other than think about windshield repair… now’s your chance to put a name or voice to a face and get to know us a little bit more!

This month, we’d like you to get to know our Warehouse Manager, David Patterson. This is the guy behind the scenes making sure the warehouse is running smoothly and efficiently. Did you know he was the one who created all of our product numbers, too?

Name: David Patterson

Where are you from? What brought you to Eugene/makes you stay?

I was born and raised just outside of Eugene in a little town called Pleasant Hill. I have moved away a few times for the Air Force and work, etc., but I always come back to Oregon. Family is the reason for staying.

What is something about you that you think makes you unique?

Some call me a chicken whisperer… I call they come a running, I point they sit… what can I say, it’s a gift.  I also sing karaoke; if you’re lucky, you’ll be invited to the next one.

How long have you been a Delta Kits employee?

8 years.

Favorite hobby besides windshield repair?

#1 gold mining, fishing, camping.

How many windshields have you repaired/funny story?

I am not sure of the quantity, but the quality is always great.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I love our group events… Lunches, dinners, laser tag. Spend the day with them and you will want to tag them, too.

Favorite quote:

I love it when a plan comes together.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for next month’s when we learn more about our Sales Manager, Korey Gobin!

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