Windshield Repairs in the Sun

Ah, that nice summer sun! We’re more than halfway through our warm summer months, and we wanted to check in and see how your repairs are going – and to offer a quick tip on how you can stay in the sun during your windshield repair. Before you say, “but, Delta Kits, the resin will cure in the sun too fast!”, and you’re right, BUT we have a secret way to avoid that from happening.

The following tip will help allow you to conduct your windshield repair outside in the sun, which is especially relevant for mobile technicians, and for techs working in shops, remember that UV can still reach your windshield even if the car is pulled into the shop.

How to repair in the sun:
  • If possible, make sure the vehicle is in a shaded area.  Before you drive out to the job, you can ask the customer to park the car indoors or under a tent, awning, or otherwise so the glass will be cooler when you arrive, saving you time and energy.
  • If you can’t find shade, make sure to roll the side windows down or open the doors to let built up heat escape from inside the car.
  • Here’s our little secret: Cover the damaged area with a Delta Kits 23000 UV Bubble Dome or 23005 UV Sun Shield to protect your repair from the sun. UV protection ensures your repair doesn’t prematurely cure.
  • Additionally, remember to protect your injector and other equipment from the sun. Clean your injector in accordance with your manufacturer’s instructions to keep it functioning properly.

So, after reading this, is your kit ready for summer? Get your kit with a UV blocker at Delta Kits.

For more information on repairs in direct UV light, call us and speak to a certified technician at (800) 548-8332.

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