Are You Taking the Proper Safety Precautions During Repairs?

Repairing a windshield isn’t inherently dangerous, but we want to remind you that there are safety precautions put in place to ensure that you and anyone around you remain safe and healthy, especially regarding personal protective equipment (PPE) during your repairs. That being said, let’s dive in to a few areas that need attention:

Skin Protection: The resins included in your Delta Kits windshield repair system contain acrylic acids that etch glass to improve bonding strength. It is important to use PPE to prevent potential chemical contact with your skin, such as a barrier cream or nitrile (not latex) gloves; these can be used together or independently to protect your skin. For the barrier cream, we suggest Derma Shield.

Eye Safety: In addition to skin protection, eye protection is important when repairing a windshield, as chemicals in the resin and glass fragments from occasional drilling can cause damage to your eyes if left unprotected. Make sure to use safety glasses to avoid any problems.

Hood Protector: Avoid accidents and potential damage during a windshield repair by covering the vehicle you are working on with a hood protector. We highly recommend this done during each repair you conduct to protect the vehicle’s delicate surface from scratches and chemical spills.

  • Resin spills should be cleaned immediately with warm soapy water to prevent damage to plastic, metal, and painted surfaces.
  • Denatured alcohol may also be used to clean up resin and will not harm most plastic, metal and painted surfaces, but be sure to test on an inconspicuous spot before use.

Additionally, be sure to read the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) included with your windshield repair system for additional important safety information. Keep these SDS in your tool box where they will be readily available in the event of an emergency.

Have any questions regarding your approach to safety? Let us know, we’re happy to help.

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