Meet A Delta Kits Team Member!

Have you ever spoken to one of our amazing team-members on the phone? Or seen our social media posts? Or wondered what we do in our free time other than think about windshield repair?

Well here’s your chance to put a name or voice to a face and get to know us a little bit more! This month we are doing a team member spotlight on our “Man of Many Hats”, John Meng, who’s a Windshield Repair Technician, Warehouse Guru, and Trainer.

Where are you from? What brought you to Eugene and makes you stay?2017 8 MeetTeammember John

I’m from Northern California – McKinleyville, CA to be exact and came to Eugene to pastor my small church. I’ve got my family here, my wife and both of my sons are amazing. I love the mountains, and I love where I work.

What is something about you that you think makes you unique?

I manage my son’s rock band… and yeah I think that’s really cool. J

How long have you been a Delta Kits employee?

6-7 years, but who’s counting?

Favorite hobby besides windshield repair?

Ride my mountain bike, and play sports.

How many windshields have you repaired? Any funny stories?

More than I can count – hundreds upon hundreds, probably. A funny story is that one of my co-workers (also a technician) can’t drive a stick shift, and I think it’s ironic that he excels at windshield repairs and headlight restorations, but can’t drive a stick!

What is your favorite part of your job?

I’ve got some amazing co-workers, and Delta Kits always throws each of us a birthday party for our birthday.

Favorite quote:

“Ain’t that right”

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