Strategic Driving – Rey Rivera & His Mobile Advertising Tactics

In these tough economic times, it’s important to be strategic with your investments. When budgets are small, finding cost-effective advertising may be the most important objective for business owners striving to grow their company. It is very important to utilize marketing techniques that provide the most bang for the buck; doing this can eliminate several unfavorable possibilities such as feeling forced to tighten up your budget or to drop certain forms of advertising altogether. To Rey Rivera, it’s all about strategically advertising on-the-go.

Rivera is a windshield repair and headlight restoration technician currently residing in Lowell, Mass., and has been sharpening his skills in both fields of expertise for years. Thanks to his preferred method of advertising, Rivera has been able to consistently gain new cliental. His vehicle is fully wrapped, side to side and front to back in eye-catching decals to advertise his windshield repair and headlight restoration services.

This form of advertising allows Rivera to market constantly his services before, during, and after his work day. His phone number is displayed in a large, bold font, making it easily visible. Hi-definition pictures illustrate the “Before” and “After” appearance of damaged and newly-repaired windshields and headlights. The trunk side windows even display the array of tools Rivera uses for his repairs!

Wrapping one’s car in decals such as these is by no means “cheap;” however, for Rivera it has proven to be a smart investment. He is able to advertise his services to everyone who sees his car! There is also the advantage of brand reinforcement, which occurs whenever Rivera parks his car next to a client’s: his information is present throughout the entire repair!

The effectiveness of marketing methods is dependent upon various factors like budget, demographic, location, and business type. For a business man such as Rivera whose company revolves around automobiles, it seems only fitting that his chosen route of advertisement is by using his own car!

When asked what the results of his advertising decision have brought, Rey told us, “I have seen a significant increase in business thanks to my car’s advertising decals and my appearances at professional sports games. During Red Sox home games, I go to Fenway Park and set up headlight restoration and windshield repair demonstrations to generate buzz among people. One Sunday night while the Red Sox were playing the Yankees I completed eight repairs in a four-hour time span! I’m extremely thankful to Korey for helping me out with graphic creation, business development, and educating others about windshield repair and headlight restoration.”

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