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Editor’s note: At Delta Kits we treat every call and customer contact as if it were the most important moment of the day; and that’s because each one is. Every once in a while someone takes the time to tell us what their Delta Kits Experience meant to them.

Dear Sir,

I have been in the customer service industry for years and consider myself exceptional at serving my customers. When I come across a company that offers poor customer service I usually won’t complain. I just quietly take my business elsewhere. However, when I come across a representative of a company that shows me the same exceptional service that I would give myself, I always make sure to point it out to the manager, owner, etc.

I have been away from windshield repair for 20 years and just recently took an interest in starting again. Because I used your tools and products way back then, I knew who to call. I spoke with Korey [Gobin, Delta Kits Account Executive] and explained my background a little bit and what it is that I am trying to accomplish. From the very moment he said hello to me, I knew I had made the right choice again. He has gone out of his way to answer questions I have and help me select the right kit to get started. He even takes my calls from airport gates as he’s boarding a plane. It is because of this man that I am even more excited about my new adventure than ever before and as long as he and your company continue to treat me the way he has, you will have a customer for life and many referrals as I build my locations out.

Now, as for your equipment: I loved the simplicity and the quality of your tools 20 years ago. The price has sure gone up since then! (as expected) I ordered my kit and was floored when I opened it up and felt the superior quality of your tools in my hands. The newer technology is fantastic and your comprehensive website and videos are outstanding!

Anyway, thank you very much for caring about your quality in products and service. It means enough to me to take the time out to let you know. Not too many people let someone know that they are doing a great job, but many will let you know if you’re not.

I don’t know how many people have let you know about the quality employee you have in Korey, but I know at least one has. Please recognize him in some way and let him know that you are proud of him!


Brandon Borene

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