Living Water and Delta Kits Team Up In Guatemala

The goal of the charity Living Water is to help the “bottom billion” people who do not have what we all take for granted – safe, clean drinking water. According to Living Water’s website, “nearly 90 percent of all diseases in the world are caused by unsafe drinking water resulting in 2.2 million deaths per year.”

The United Nations Development Program states that “clean water and sanitation are among the most powerful preventative medicines for reducing child mortality.” The latest projects that Delta Kits has supported on this front are wells in San Juan and Samala, Retalhuleu, Guatemala that will serve 415 people.

When the Living Water teams arrived, residents in these two communities were utilizing open wells one kilometer away that were leading families to suffer from cholera and dysentery. Community members assisted in the construction of the wells that will provide all of the clean water needs for their respective towns. Individuals in each location were also instructed on the care and maintenance of the wells to insure that both projects will continue to provide reliable and clean drinking water, well into the future.

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