Camaraderie among Windshield Repair Technicians:

Competition is a very important aspect of the business world; it is what drives companies to success and no industry can survive without it. A concern regarding the competition in the windshield repair industry stems from the cost per repair becoming too low in some areas. Rates that are too low make it very hard for any business to profit, which drives the market down and doesn’t allow for growth within the industry. Those who don’t compete don’t succeed. But what if competitors could work together to strengthen the industry? At Delta Kits we have a common saying, “When you succeed, we succeed” and we believe in that principle whole-heartedly. In order for this industry to grow, it is important to maintain a high level of constructive competition while maintaining ethical business practices.

We were happy to see that a few gentlemen on the forum who run windshield repair companies met up and spent a day together. According to the post, they were not acting as competitors but as a group of guys sharing technique and marketing ideas. In discussing these types of things with one another they are contributing to the growth of the industry by helping each other succeed, and making connections that may prove to be valuable in the future. Business doesn’t always have to be “dog eat dog”, it can be something that we strive to make better for everyone. Of course individual companies should strive to grow, but we can all work together to strengthen the industry. To read more on this post, please visit the world’s largest windshield repair forum at

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