Tech Tip: Terminating A Crack

Our tech tip this month, on terminating a crack, comes to you from an Ask An Expert question. A few weeks ago, there was a question regarding our spring hammer tool and how to prevent cracks from spreading. Take a read and a watch below!


How do I prevent a crack from running past the drill hole when using the Delta Kits spring hammer to terminate a long crack?


Be sure you drill 1/32″ in front of the anticipated path of the crack with the properly sized carbide bur. We mention “anticipated path of the crack.”  You’ll have to make an educated guess on the direction the crack will run. However, please note that even with the best educated guess, glass can be unpredictable.

The spring hammer depth gauge is set to the “minimum” drilling depth for optimal performance but depending on the thickness of the glass you may need to drill slightly deeper (at least 1/3 but no more than 2/3 of the first lite or layer). Please watch our spring hammer instructional video below.  Then practice drilling to different depths and popping bulls eyes until you get the desired consistent results.

Make sure to check out our other YouTube videos on our channel, DeltaKits08.

As always, do not hesitate to give Delta Kits a call for support.

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