Marketing Tip: Focus on Business Looks

What does your business look like? What I mean is… how are you visually representing your company?

Take a step back and think about some of the companies you personally visit or like. What sets them apart? How do they visually represent themselves? How do you feel when you see them? Nine times out of ten, they’ll have some kind of logo name and design unique to that company that helps you answer those questions – that’s called brand presence.

 You need to be like that.

A lot of factors go into creating a strong brand presence, so as I mentioned earlier, today we are focusing on what your business looks like, as in company name and logo. Whether you’re just starting out or even years down the road, it’s important to evaluate your business looks. For those of you who have both of these items – great! For those of you who don’t – it’s okay! We can help.

So we know that a good name and logo for your business helps to start building your brand. But why is that important? Because people will start recognizing it – and a strong brand is easily recognizable.

Let’s start with the name.

Your business’ name identifies your company or your company’s products and/or services. It will appear on your business cards, letterhead, website, social networks, promotional materials, products, and pretty much everywhere in print and online. Creating a relevant name will help you stand out.

But sometimes a recognizable name isn’t enough – that’s where your logo comes in.  

People commonly associate brands with the brand’s logo. As you think about your logo, keep your audience and offerings in mind. Your logo should reflect your company, build trust, and help to pull your brand together. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, but having one is better than not.

Questions, comment? Let us know how we can help!

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