Continuing Global Health Support – Delta Kits and Living Water International in Guatemala

The goal of the philanthropic organization, Living Water International (LWI), is to help the “bottom billion” people who do not have what we all take for granted – safe, clean drinking water. According to Living Water’s website, “nearly 90 percent of all diseases in the world are caused by unsafe drinking water resulting in 2.2 million deaths per year.” At Delta Kits, we’re very concerned with the lack of safe drinking water for communities in poverty-stricken parts of the world. As part of our continued effort to raise awareness, we like to provide updates of Living Water’s most recent projects, which Delta Kits proudly sponsors.

Earlier this year, LWI traveled to Guatemala to drill new wells and install water pumps. The first stop was El Paraiso, Suchitepequez, Guatemala. When LWI arrived, community members were utilizing an open, contaminated well located one kilometer away from the community. Needless to say, the contaminated water made the community members very sick. A new well was drilled and a pump installed to provide clean, safe water to the locals, including the students, teachers, and administrative personnel. This completed project will potentially save the lives of 200 community men, women, and children. In addition to safe drinking, the clean water can assist the community with washing clothes and bathing.

Another project took place in Retalhuleu, Guatemala. Community members were suffering from cholera and dysentery from consuming their exposed and contaminated water supply. LWI was able to effectively produce a clean and safe source of water for community members who live up to a kilometer away. The new well and pump provides clean water for the community, potentially saving the lives of 275 men, women, and children. The water will help the community stay hydrated and provide clean water for bathing, washing cloths, watering crops and watering animals.

Continuing projects to provide clean, safe water to struggling communities are proudly supported by Delta Kits Inc. To learn more about Living Water International and what you can do to support this cause, please visit

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