Product Reviews (& Gift Ideas…)

We’ve been making a list and checking’ it twice, trying to find out which products are super nice… and here are some product reviews.

Okay – we are better at selling windshield repair and headlight restoration products than we are at Christmas lyrics, but we’ve been monitoring our product reviews all year long and want to share with you a handful of products that made it to our “nice” list, along with a few of their customer reviews, too.

And… don’t tell your technicians (or your significant other)… but these make great stocking stuffers in case you’re running out of ideas or need anything last minute.

Delta Kit’s Nice List:

Premium Bond 20
  • It’s a very consistent resin that fills easy; if you’re using something else after a few different chips, you will see how much this product makes your work easier! Furthermore, I highly recommend for all different chips of size and shapes.  – Travis B.
  • The viscosity upgrade to the 20cps, in the Premium Bond 20.  I also appreciate the fact that you are continually trying to upgrade the ability to perform a “better” repair. – John
  • I recently attempted my first long crack repair and using the Premium Bond Resin. Furthermore, I was able to make about 13 inches disappear! I was pretty proud of myself, and of course, my customer was elated! Thank you so much, Delta Kits, for letting me try this new product. – Phil C.
  • Delta Kits’ new Premium Bond 20 and Premium Bond 3000 are outstanding. I am very satisfied with the visual and bonding of these new products.  My customers are also pleased with the final results.  I am very confident with my guarantee now and will use these products in the future. Thank you, Delta Kits. – Kate
Premium Pit Plus Resin
  • The viscosity of the product allows it to go into the repair quickly but has enough hardening time that you can play with it to make sure there are no bubbles or flaws.  Keep up the good work making some great products, so it makes it easier on us out in the field. – Seyeon K.
  • The most durable pit fill I have found for the South East Texas extreme weather conditions! – Gregory H.
Premium Pit Polish
  • Makes the job look even better than what you think it can be. Blends the pit filler in more so that it is harder to see. – Frank M.
  • I only use a small drop on a cork and then polish. It works great and lasts a long time. – James M.
  • Both the clarity and quality of this product is one of the best that I have used. My customers are very pleased. – Nick R.
  • The viscosity fits our needs more than the previous brand we were using. It is very efficient at filling the rock chips for our customers. – Stephanie W.
  • Always stops the cracks from spreading. High-quality product. I recommend every company to use this product. – Jacob S.
EZ-450D Mobile Pro Windshield Repair System
  • I am a mobile only technician, which means I often find myself in inconvenient work spaces. This kit allows me to carry everything I need to do multiple repairs in a very efficient manner. From the curing light to the battery pack, everything fits nicely in a small tool box. – Jerry F.
  • I love the simplicity of the tool. I tried other systems, and this is the best way to go in business. – Dino P.
  • So at first, I didn’t know anything about the industry. I had never done repairs, never looked into who were the big players on the market and everything else. But when I got interested in the business, and began researching it, Delta Kits continually popped up as the number one choice for both products and services. I went with Delta Kits because of the established credibility. When I bought the kit, I was thinking about how pricey it was. After the training class, however, I understand the quality of the equipment, and how to properly use it. In my opinion, especially being new to the business, I felt that it’s better to have the best equipment and training you can afford, to help kick-start your own business with established credibility. That’s important in the buyer’s mind. So, I went with the best of the best that I could find (Delta Kits). And the windshield repair training class itself, I would say, is comparative to the equipment they (Delta Kits) sell, in that they are both very high quality. Before class, I really knew nothing about the business of rock chip repairs, how it works, or how to do repairs themselves. After the class, I feel like I can perform repairs at a high standard that will satisfy customers. And another thing I feel is critical about Delta Kits (my experience at least), something that you don’t get a lot of with businesses these days, is their continued effort to help you out when needed. I believe that I can pick up the phone and call, or even email Bruce (the trainer) with any questions I have, and he will help me out. That’s something that’s hard to come by in today’s market, and it stands out in my mind. I feel comfortable calling them to ask for help when I need it, and I’ll continue to do so as time goes on. To sum it up, my experience working with Delta Kits was great, their equipment and training both exceeded all my expectations, and I left their training feeling confident in my abilities despite having no prior experience in this industry. – Mason M.
EZ-400D Mobile Pro Windshield Repair System
  • Super easy to use, and the results come out very clean. I use this product professionally and all my customers are satisfied with the way their windshields look afterwards. I also purchased the headlight restoration kit, which as well is a very effective product. – John S.
EZ-300S Mobile Pro Windshield Repair System
  • This kit contains everything I need to do professional repairs!  The products are high quality. – Ricky S.
  • The kit is stocked with all the tools needed to do the job, and I love the carrying case that it comes in. – Todd A.
  • I love the ease of use. Also, I like the fact that if the equipment is properly taken care of, it will last for a lifetime.  – Damion J.
EZ-250S Mobile Windshield Repair System
  • Furthermore, it is easy to use, easy to clean, made in the USA, good price, very efficient and sturdy design. – Joshua B.
EZ-200S Mini Mobile Windshield Repair System
  • Love how simple and easy to use this system can be. This system has paid for itself with the savings alone with my fleet. – David G.
  • Additionally, what I like the most about my Delta kit is that it is easy to carry everywhere and easy to use. – Mario A.
ClearPro PLUS Headlight Restoration System (on sale this month!)
  • Also, the best part, the kit is complete with everything you need in one place, you don’t have to carry multiple kits. – Andrew E.
  • What I really love about this product is that it gives me self-confidence that I’m going to do a good job, and this product has allowed me to do it even better. I recommend this product to everybody who wants to make some money and help others. – Jorge R.
Derma Shield
  • What is best about this product is the effectiveness of the mousse while being both smooth and not greasy. – Jennifer E.
  • I’m a machinist and allergic to machining coolants.  They cause a horrible rash.  After 2 years and 3 doctors, Derma Shield is the only thing that ever worked to protect my skin.  Excellent product. – Joseph T.
  • I don’t leave home without it during cold & flu season.  – Russell B.
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