Tech Tip: Winter Windshield Care

“How do you properly care for your windshield in the winter? What is proper winter windshield care?” We get these kinds of questions quite a bit this time of year, so we wanted to remind y’all of some winter care know-hows, from warming windshields before repairs to advising your customers on how to properly remove wintry precipitation to avoid damage or further damage.

For both you and your customers, here’s how NOT to clear a frost, ice, or snow-covered windshield:
  • Never pour hot water on your windshield to melt the ice; it could crack out the windshield, especially if there is damage on it already
  • Never apply high-heat types of heat like a blowtorch; it will likely result in the windshield cracking at a weak point
  • Never use a metal object, or even items like a CD, to clear a windshield; it can scratch or severely damage the glass
  • Never use a hammer to chip frost or ice off the windshield; it can result in serious cracks or even shattering it completely

What CAN be done? For frost and ice on a windshield, don’t try and speed up the process. The safest and most effective way to clear a windshield is time and patience.

Advise customers to start their car and turn the defrost on for an extra 10 or 15 minutes, letting the frost/ice loosen up, so you can scrape it off properly, thereby avoiding damage.

For technicians working in colder temperatures, here’s how to properly warm the windshield before starting repairs:

The optimal windshield temperature range for repair is 70 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. In the winter, it’s important to heat the temperature of a windshield gradually to reduce the risk of it cracking out, as broken glass does not react well to sudden changes in temperature.  An infrared thermometer can be used to quickly check the windshield temperature.

To warm a windshield, the preference of Delta Kits is to use a hair dryer on the outside of the windshield. Hair dryer sizes and shapes vary, but most are typically easy to use and do an impressive job. We set them at the base of the windshield to ensure the warm air flows across the break at an even rate. If possible, running the vehicle’s windshield defroster will help maintain the temperature of the entire windshield as well. While preferable to warm the glass from the outside, warming from both the inside and outside reduces the time it takes to warm the windshield.

If outside, using Delta Kits’ Bubble Dome provides additional protection against rain, snow, and ultraviolet light. The Bubble Dome also keeps the injector and resin warm during the repair process. Just direct the warm air flow into the mouth of the Bubble dome to warm an area of glass 16” in diameter throughout the repair process.

Have any further questions? Give us a call today and chat with an experienced technician! We are here to help.

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