All-New System – You Won’t Want to Miss This…

Remember the new Elite UV Curing Light we came out with last month? Well, get ready for this double cool announcement – we put that light into an ALL-NEW system!

You talked, we listened. This new system brings together an all-new mix of components never seen before in the Delta Kits line-up. Adding the new Elite UV Curing Light in there is just icing on the cake. Take a look at the details:


EZ-425D Pro System

What’s included

Tool Box
  • Molded Tool Box with Custom Fitted Foam Interior (20.25×10.88×9.125)
Bottom Section of Tool Box
  • Elite LED Ultraviolet Curing Lamp, 12V-240V
  • 4.8V Re-Chargeable Dremel Drill and Charger
  • Razor Blades (One Pkg of 100)
  • 6 oz. Cleaning Jar and Cap
  • Battery, 2.5 amps w/Cover and Charger
  • Dust Blower
  • Steel Wool
  • Chip Savers (One pkg of 100)
  • Safety Glasses
  • Moisture Evaporator
Top Tray of Tool Box
  • Complete B250 Bridge Assembly (Two)
  • Premium Bond 20 Resin (Two 15 ml Black Plastic Bottles)
  • Premium Bond 3000 Pit Resin (One 7 ml Plastic Bottle)
  • Pit Polish Premium (One 7 ml Plastic Bottle)
  • Inspection Mirror – Glass w/3X Magnification (Two)
  • Injector End Seals – White (Two packages of 5)
  • Spring Hammer Combo Tool
  • Curing Tape (One 100 ft roll)
  • Curing Tabs (One package of 100)
  • Nylon Stick
  • Polishing Cork
  • Carbide Bur – Round End – .039 (One package of 5)
  • Carbide Bur – Tapered End – .047 (One package of 5)
  • Centering Tool
  • Stick Pin

How to buy

Head to our website or give us a call to discuss if this system is everything you’ve been dreaming of.

Our goal with this new system is to not only offer more choices to our customers, but to indulge our curiosity in making innovative, efficient, and effective products. Needless to say, we are very excited about our new light and our new system.

Get yours today!

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