Want to Attract New Customers?

Of course, you want to attract new customers, if you want to keep making money! There are a couple of ways we’ve found that work the best for us.  Especially when it comes to getting found online, which is the #1 way consumers search for products or services.

Think about it… how do you find something you need? If you’re like me, you go online and do a search. And research backs that up – today’s shoppers either do research online or hunt for information on their phone/mobile device before deciding to buy or use a particular vendor. With that in mind, here are simple ways that potential local customers can better find you online:

Website SEO

There are always new ways to ramp up your search engine optimization (SEO) to help people find you. A few things to consider:

  • Are you using the right URL? The ideal domain will include your business name and perhaps a keyword or two that are relevant to your business.
  • Add keywords that you know your customers are searching for in the titles and descriptions on your website.
  • Be sure to include your business address in the footer or header of every page, not just on your contact page.
  • If you’re savvy with a website, have a look at these tips.
Get your “Google My Business” listing up and running

Google My Business” is a free business listing that is integrated with the main Google search engine, mobile search, Google+, and Google Maps. So regardless where people are searching on Google for windshield repair or headlight restoration. Your business has a shot at being found if it’s listed there. What’s more is that it only takes a few minutes to claim your listing. Make sure you’ve got up-to-date information and photos to help attract interest.

Expand your idea of social media

It’s estimated that just about 2.5 billion people are on Facebook, with 71% of internet users being involved in some kind of social media in 2017… does anyone else see market potential? A few things to consider:

  • Set up a Facebook Business Page – this gives your business a Facebook presence and allows you to engage with customers and your community.
  • Follow these tips from Facebook on how to help your business show up for nearby locations.
  • Create a Facebook ad or offer and target potential customers interested in your business in your area.
  • Would Instagram work for your business? What about Yelp?
Get more reviews

Why? People trust what other people, just like them, are saying rather than hearing directly from you on how great your company is… trust us. After you complete a service, ask a satisfied customer via follow-up email, face-to-face, or snail mail to recommend and/or review your business online. The more online reviews and the more social connections your business has, the more likely others in your connections’ circles will find your business.

If you have any questions or comment, please let us know!

Happy customer hunting.

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