Networking – Make the Dream Work

Are you generating local awareness and establishing a network to help spread the word of your business? If not, you should be! Networking is a great way to capture business leads, as long as you don’t come on too strong. It allows you to raise more brand awareness and to meet new contacts and their referrals.

We have some tips for you to consider that will help get your name and business out into the community… bringing in customers and revenue.

Here are some ideas:

  • Join chambers, business associations, community groups, etc. This is a good one – these are the folks who know all the businesses in the area, and they have friends. Find more ways to get involved and spread your name!
  • Find small business conferences in your area – these are a great way to surround yourself with other entrepreneurs and create opportunities to make valuable connections. You can use these for potential referrals later.
  • Sponsor sporting events, nonprofit events, or anything that is for a good cause. Getting your name out there while also being a good community steward will bring you extra goodwill and word of mouth referrals.
  • Give away SWAG if you have it, a.k.a. promotional items with your business name, logo, and contact info on them. Cheap options are business cards, notepads, pens, or screen wipes, which are great examples of free walking advertisements for your business.

Interested in learning more about becoming a good at Networking? Here’s a great article for you. >>

Meanwhile, take some time to find any local events or opportunities in your area that you could participate in.

Happy customer hunting. And as always, please let us know how we can help.

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