Tech Tip: Got Battery Back-Up?

You’ve got a back-up battery for your TV remote, your smoke detector, and your toothbrush, right? So, why not have a battery back-up  for your windshield repair equipment?

It’s easy to get out there on a job and forget about checking your batteries – it’s the same when you’re at home. The difference is that the batteries you use for your windshield repair equipment are typically larger than what you would stock in your home.

Keep a spare battery for your ignite uv led resin curing lamp

Keeping your batteries charged and having a back-up battery or battery charger just in case is always a good practice. We’ve heard quite a bit over the years that not having a plan to fall back on causes headaches while on the job, so we want to remind you that it’s best to be prepared!

Keep a back-up battery

Delta Kits recommends having a spare battery for every battery operated tool you use, and keeping rechargeable batteries plugged in whenever not in use. Don’t worry about over-charging, the new technology in all batteries and chargers sold by Delta Kits is amazing, so just leave them plugged in.

If you do find yourself out on a job with dead batteries, here are a few things you can do:

  • Find a 110V outlet to plug your charger in.  While we don’t recommend partially charging batteries on a regular basis, a few minutes will often provide enough of a charge for your Dremel drill to get one hole drilled or for your Ignite UV light to cure a repair or two.
  • Most repairable windshield damage can be repaired without using a drill and should be, in our opinion, although if you are used to drilling everything, you may have to give the resin a bit more time to fill the damage properly.
  • Use sunlight instead of your UV light to cure the resin. While not ideal, the sun will certainly do the job if you are in a pinch.
  • Use the 12V receptacle, either in your vehicle or the customer’s vehicle, to power a 12V UV light or moisture evaporator.

Some additional items that to consider having on hand for emergencies:

  • Portable jump starter. Some of the new units are very small and very handy!
  • A/C to D/C power converters. These are smaller and more reliable than most jump starters, but you must have an A/C outlet to plug it into.
  • D/C to A/C power inverters. Excellent for running 120V tools off your 12V vehicle. Light duty models plug into the 12V receptacle in your vehicle, but you can spend a little more and hard wire a more powerful model into your vehicle for extra convenience and versatility.
  • 120V extension cord. It’s usually not too hard to find an outlet, but extension cords are always handy to have with you.
  • 12V extension cord. Yep, they make them, and they are a great accessory to keep on hand.
  • In addition to backup batteries, having a 120V UV light makes a great backup. The UV light is nice to use when A/C power is available. The new Delta Kits Elite UV curing light works on 3 different voltages; making it an ideal primary or backup light!
  • Portable generator. Not for everyone but awesome to have when you need completely portable A/C power.

Do you have equipment that uses batteries? Here’re a few examples of Delta Kits equipment that uses them: Dremel drill, Ignite UV Light, moisture evaporator, and the 12V UV Light.

If you need to restock on batteries or a battery charger, we have you covered. Head over to our website to get the supplies you need to stay prepared >>

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