What’s on your Social Media Plate?

We’re dishing out our thoughts on our favorite social media platforms… and with several out there to choose from, we want you to be able to pick your serving size or decide what you’d like to pass along.

Why do social media at all? To attract customers, of course! These days, customers are looking online more than ever to find the service they need… and they’re looking in ways we might not have thought about ten years ago.

It’s estimated that just about 2.5 billion people are on Facebook, with 71% of internet users being involved in some kind of social media in 2017… does anyone else see market potential?

There are a couple of ways we’ve found that work the best for us, so with that in mind, here some social media platforms to consider:


There are a few things you can do on here:

  • Set up a Facebook Business Page – this gives your business a Facebook presence and allows you to engage with customers and your community.
  • Create a Facebook ad or offer and target potential customers interested in your business in your area. (We’ve seen success with this)

Google My Business

This one is great because consumers use Google all the time to search for products and services they need. Once you set up your service page, people will be able to find you when they search.

  • Create posts for your listing highlighting benefits, deals, before/after shots, etc. (We love doing this)


If you’re more of a savvy social media person, this could be a great avenue for you; you just have to stay on top of it. Twitter is a fast world to be in, and if you’re not actively trying to reach people or local businesses, it may not be worth your time. (We have a Twitter, but we don’t spend any energy on there for our service side)


This could be an interesting platform to get on, especially when showcasing before and after photos.

  • Run Instagram Ads – We’ve seen ads like this before and depending on your city, it’s a great way to hit a younger demographic.

Want more information? Shoot us a call! Our Marketing Manager loves talking about social media and would be happy to share what we’ve done online.

As always, please let us know how we can help!


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