Measuring Your Skills – Brian Fenner and the Windshield Repair Olympics

The Windshield Repair Olympics provides a platform for technicians to display their expertise and learn new techniques from the best technicians in the industry. In 2008, Brian Fenner competed in the WRO against a host of formidable competitors and secured the 2nd Place Silver Medal. A competitive spirit by nature, Fenner returned to compete in the 2009 WRO and took home the gold with a 1st Place finish. I had the pleasure to sit down and speak with the 2009 Gold Medalist about his experiences with WRO, what he learned, and his plans for future competitions.

CG: What were your overall experiences like competing in the Windshield Repair Olympics?

Fenner: “I’ve always been a competitive individual and like to test myself. At first, I was skeptical regarding how the judging would work so I held off for the first couple of years. But after talking to the president of Delta Kits, Brent Deines, I was convinced to go ahead and test myself against others in the WSR industry. It was a good outing for the first time, lots of people showed up to compete with and support each other. The second outing, I emerged the winner! It gave me a feeling of professionalism and skill – [the WRO] gave me the ability to measure my skills against my other competitors. I want to clarify that I’m not boasting – I just saw the competition as a great benchmark to measure my skills with.

CG: What advice do you have for other contestants?

Fenner: “Leave no stone unturned. Think outside the box and prepare for everything you may encounter in a real-world windshield repair. You have to remember, it’s a contest – it’s about excellent presentation! You gotta score some style points.”

CG: Will you be competing or marking an appearance this year?

Fenner: “Sit tight on that answer…I’ll tell you this much: as long as there is a WRO in existence, my company will be there as much as possible. I want there to be a Past Champions WRO competition!”

Brian Fenner is the owner and proprietor of Safe Glass Technologies in Easton, Pennsylvania.

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