Yet Another Satisfied Customer

Editor’s note: At Delta Kits we treat every call and customer contact as if it were the most important moment of the day, and that’s because each one is. Every once in a while someone takes the time to tell us what their Delta Kits experience meant to them.

Dear Brent,

My son and I would like to commend you and your staff in achieving World Class Customer Service. I am a retired manager for UPS with 28 years of service. UPSers are a rare breed and we have devoted our careers on Micro managing daily processes to improve customer service. Treating your customers as if they are your only customer can be a monumental task, but is essentially vital to the longevity and legacy to a company. It is extremely rewarding to see an employee develop into a strong leader with all the qualities to help your business grow, but more importantly, to see that employee develop the qualities and strengths to carry on your legacy. You have that employee! I am an investor in my son’s business and knew nothing about Headlight Restoration and being a skeptical person coming from the corporate world, I had a lot of questions. About two months ago my son and I called Delta to inquire about your Headlight Restoration kit and reached Jordan Deines. We were very impressed with Jordan’s depth of knowledge, statistics, willingness to help, patience, and enthusiasm, giving us all the time we needed to ask all or any questions we had. She made us feel like we were her only customer and she had all the time for us. We spent the last two months researching to find the best Kit out on the market, meanwhile, Jordan invited us to call her any time if we had any additional questions while we were doing our research. Within the two months we called Jordan on several occasions and every time she gave us her undivided attention, answering questions that some professional in the business couldn’t answer for us. Not only did Jordan make us feel like we were her only customer, she built a relationship of trust and partnership which is equal to none or if not more important than the Kit itself. Now that is World Class Customer Service! We would like to commend and recognize Jordan Deines for an outstanding job and for taking her roles and responsibilities to a top notch level. We would hope you give her the recognition she deserves. She is definitely a “GEM in the Rough” who creates a positive impact to your organization and its legacy. We look forward to building a future relationship and partnership with your company.

Best Regards,

Bob & Ryan Esqueda

As Mr. Esqueda said, building “a relationship of trust and partnership” is critical when providing exceptional customer service to our clients. At Delta Kits we go the extra mile to ensure that each interaction we have with a customer is as helpful and enjoyable as possible. We feel very blessed to have Jordan on our team and we can all strive to reach her level of customer service!

Have you had a similar experience with Delta Kits products or Delta Kits personnel to share? We would love to hear from you! Shoot us an email at We look forward to working with you.

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