New and Updated Products, Oh My!

We love announcing new or updated products, especially when they’re this good! Our windshield repair systems and cerium oxide products have some changes that you’re going to like… That being said, read on for the details you need to know.

Windshield Repair systems update

Long story short, we are putting the Elite Light (15250) into systems that previously had the 12V Lightweight UV Curing Lamp with 9′ Cord (15250) effective May 1, 2018. These systems include  the 36010, 36016, and 36021. Can I see you smiling yet?

If you remember, the Elite Light was released earlier this year and is gaining momentum as the most popular light we’ve ever offered. And it’s easy to understand why – Constructed of a sleek aluminum body design with an anodized coating, it’s more durable, longer-lasting, 3 times faster than competitive models, and has the ability to accept three power sources, including 12V, 120V, and 240V!

Will there be a price change? Yes… but not until June 1, 2018. That means you can get these updated systems for the same price as always all month long. We thank you for understanding, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your account manager.

Cerium Oxide products update

We know how much your customers dislike those darn rock chips… and scratched glass is not too far behind. Well, we’ve got some good news for those in need of polishing and removing light scratches in glass on their customers’ vehicle…

We’ve got NEW and updated cerium oxide products available NOW in three different, cost-effective sizes to fit your needs.

25000 – 11 Pound bag – $125

25001 – 55 Pound plastic bucket – $450

25005 – 8 Ounce jar – $14

What does cerium oxide do? Mix our premium cerium oxide glass polishing powder with water to create a slurry for fine edge polishing and removing light scratches in glass. Use with the Delta Kits’ Polishing Head 25010 for best results in scratch removal.

Questions, comments, or reviews? Give us a call today.

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