Tech Tip: The Cure of Curing Tabs

They may be small and transparent, but curing tabs do a big job. We’ve gotten questions from customers before on why their resin isn’t curing. What is the cure of curing tabs and curing tape for windshield repair? After having them talk us through how they were conducting their windshield repair process, we concluded that the issue in some cases was the absence of a curing tab – they weren’t blocking oxygen at the repair site. This happens because the resin is an anaerobic formulation, so it won’t cure correctly with air present. This is a good thing; otherwise the resin would cure right out of the bottle if exposed to ultraviolet light.

We have also had customers report the windshield repair resin is not curing properly, only to find that they are using a sandwich wrap or some other plastic material that is coated with UV protective materials. Good for protecting food, but not so good for curing resin.

Take a look at this video to see why curing tabs are so important, as well as to understand the proper placement to ensure the best possible repair.

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