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Has your business made the leap into the exciting new Smart Phone generation? Smart phones are on the rise and becoming very useful for business purposes. Software applications or “Apps” are programs that can be downloaded directly to your smart phone or tablet. There are many useful business apps that windshield repair technicians are finding very useful. Below are some of the apps professional technicians don’t want to be without.

“Everyone in my company uses the HTC EVO 3D and the app we use the most is ‘HeyTell.’ It is a cross-platform voice messenger that allows our technicians to instantly talk to each other. The app works much faster than text messaging and it works great for our company.” – Anthony C. of Austin, TX. Communication is very important in all areas of business and this is handy app greatly improves employer to technician and technician to technician communication.

A lot of clients utilize other apps that help with monetary organization: “Our company uses the IPhone 4S and the Ipad2 with Wi-Fi. We use ‘Invoice2go‘ to manage and send invoices to our customers on the go.” – Forum Member ATX_Windshield_Repair. Things just keep getting more and more efficient! This app is very helpful to those who are running mobile and tent locations. Time is money, and with Invoice2go you will save both. It is also a good way to keep all of your customer information and invoices in one organized space.

“Before we work on any windshield our customer must sign a disclaimer and they do this via Sign-N-Send app. With this app the customer is able to sign the document straight from our iPhone or iPad.” – Forum member ATX_Windshield_Repair. This app is also a tool that can help you stay more organized and minimize paperwork.

Penultimate helps us take notes and keep sketches.” – Forum member ATX_Windshield_Repair

“I do have a smart phone, and the two apps I always use are ‘Maps‘ and ‘BizXpensTrkr.'” – Forum member Clarity Glass. Maps is a Global Positioning System, or “GPS,” which uses Google to find locations, helping business owners reach their customers. Amazingly, smart phones can even accept credit cards when combined with the proper third party hardware: One business owner uses the Square Register app and its accompanying free credit card reader. “It’s the simplest way for our company to accept credit cards.” – Forum Member ATX_Windshield_Repairs. It is amazing what cell phones can do these days! With square you can swipe a credit card and it will automatically send your customer confirmation of the charge via email.

BizXpensTrkr is quick and keeps records of all your business expenses; mileage, equipment, travels, advertising and so on. At the end of the year, it allows you to export between the dates you want to an excel sheet – very helpful!” – Forum member Auto Glass Rescue

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