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Ask An Expert - Headlight Edition

You’ve got headlight questions, we’ve got headlight answers. Over the last few months, we’ve collected all of the Ask An Expert questions that have been sent in regarding headlight restoration and compiled them into this easy-to-read article… ready to get your shine on with some knowledge?


Question: Saludos, soy de Ecuador y acabo de comprar el Infinity 4.1. ¿Me pueden ayudar con qué medidas usar?

Question Translated: Greetings I am from Ecuador and I just purchased the Infinity 4.1. Can you help me with what measurements to use?

Answer: La medida debe ser de 12 ml de la parte A y 3 ml de la parte B.

Answer Translated: The measurement should be 12 ml of part A and 3 ml of part B.


Question: Are the Headlight Restoration 3" sanding discs attached via hook and loop?

Answer: All of our 3' sanding and polishing discs come with Velcro brand Hook and Loop backing.


Question: Will the Polishing Head fit on a cordless impact driver?

Answer: No, the Delta Kits Polishing Head will not fit in a cordless impact driver. The adapter has a 1/4" smooth shaft to be used with standard drill chucks or when the adapter is removed, the Polishing Head can be screwed on to a variety of rotary polishing tools with a standard 5/8" x 11 threaded arbor.


Question: What is the average cost to restore a pair of headlights using a Delta Kits headlight restoration system?

Answer: Under $7.00


Question: How much can I charge to restore a pair of headlights?

Answer: We cannot advise you what to charge but in Eugene Oregon we charge $100/pair.


Have any more questions? Please do not hesitate to call us or leave a comment at Ask An Expert!

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