Tech Tip – What’s the Deal with End Seals?

2018 07 TechTip EndSeals

Long story short: Without them, your repair would be a bust. End seals allow your windshield repair bridge to have the best possible fit onto the glass, giving you a leak-free seal.

We’ve known technicians to try and save a dime by using the same end seal for an overly extended period of time – but what those technicians may not know is that they are most likely compromising the quality of the repair, as well as wasting resin. All it takes is a quick change of those little white end seals at the bottom of the Delta Kits injector, and technicians can ensure their repairs are done correctly and efficiently.

Here’s what we suggest: For best results, Delta Kits recommends replacing the injector end seal after every 10 repairs or sooner, especially if there is a noticeable change in pressure or resin leakage around the seal. Why? Because typically after 10 uses, the end seals begin to break down and get softer, eventually resulting in loss of pressure. Loss of pressure can cause resin to leak during the repair process, which means you’re not only wasting resin but making it difficult to ensure the damage is completely filled.

Please note before changing: End seals from Delta Kits offer a blank side around the smaller hole and around the larger hole we’ve printed the words “Delta Kits”. This printed side is the one that should face up into the injector barrel. For more details on this process, take a look at the short video below.

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