Looking Out For Your Customer’s Car

At times it is easy to get into a hurry and overlook the small details that could potentially make or break your relationship with a customer. It is always important to remember that the customer is entrusting their vehicle to you and expects it to return in better condition than when they left it. Deciding what belt you are going to wear for the day seems like an inconsequential decision, but it could make the difference between a happy customer and an angry customer.

Wearing a belt with an exposed metal belt buckle can scratch the paint of a vehicle can easily snag surrounding objects and can be dangerous if contact is made with electrical parts located under the hood. Scratch proof belts prevent auto paint finishes from being damaged when a technician leans over the hood because there isn’t any exposed metal on the buckle. This is a good tip for any technicians who would like to go the extra mile to provide their clients with exceptional customer service!

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